Antiquary 12yo Scottish Blends 700ml

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Antiquary 12yo Scottish Blends 700ml

Produced by the Tomatin distillery, The Antiquary 12-year-old, in its distinctive diamond-shaped bottle, is a smooth, well-balanced deluxe blend. Each component whisky has a minimum age of 12 years, selected to combine all the strengths and subtleness of Scottish whisky at its best. Says Alex Carnie, Managing Director of J & W Hardie, “In deluxe blends, the malts and grains are 12 years or older, achieving a high degree of mellowness. 

Nose: Faintly peaty, herbal. Chinese tea. Jasmine.

Palate: Smooth, dry maltiness. Perhaps that tea was Lapsang Souchong. Then sweeter flavours develop. Darjeeling? Eventually, a honeyish sweetness. 

Finish: Flowery. Crisp, clean.

ABV: 40%


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