Bacardi 1909 Superiro Heritage Rum 1L

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Bacardi 1909 Superiro Heritage Rum 1L

A special edition bottling of Bacardi Superior, first produced to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Daiquiri cocktail (back in 2010).

Produced in Mexico from fermented molasses. The rum has been aged for 18 months in American oak barrels, before being filtered through charcoal for clarity. Unlike the standard white Bacardi bottling, this rum is presented at 44.5% ABV, as it would have been back in 1909. It also features the same label and bottling style that it would have a century ago.

The final result is a bold, somewhat earthy rum that serves up notes of brown sugar, apples, cinnamon, pears, powdered white sugar, white chocolate, peppery spice and slight cane.

The perfect rum for mixing up an anniversary Daiquiri, and raising a toast to US Admiral Lucius Johnson, who first brought the cocktail to American shores.

ABV: 44.5%


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