Brockmans Gin+Glass Gift Pack 700ml

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Brockmans is an unmistakable gin, which owes its expressiveness to the eleven carefully selected plants that make their mark on its aromatics. Angelica, Bulgarian coriander, blackcurrants and blackberries from northern Europe blend beautifully with the aromas of cinnamon and licorice from China, and almonds, lemon peels and orange peels from Spain along with iris flower from Italy and juniper from Tuscany perfectly crowns the set of ingredients. 

Use the glass included in this set to create the perfect Tonic Gin with Brockmans Gin. All you need is ice, tonic water, grapefruit peel and a few blackberries.

Tasting notes:

Smell: Scented, floral-fruity shades that reveal hibiscus, lavender, raspberry, pine and citrus.

Taste: Fine aromas of gingerbread, angelica, blackberries and coriander.

Finish: Fresh, sweet - sec.

Color: Colorless.

Alc: 40%