Bunnahabhain 25yo Islay Single Malt 700ml

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Bunnahabhain 25yo Islay Single Malt 700ml

The premium bottling from Bunnahabhain’s standard range, this is a truly delicious bottle of old whisky. The distillery recently increased the percentage to 46.3%, adding even more of the delicious old oak flavours drinkers know and love. Bunnahabhain XXV is also non-chill-filtered and natural in colour. Not only a beautiful tasting whisky, this bottle is presented wonderfully, coming in a smoked oak box, with a darkened glass bottle. With its decadent after-dinner style, and classy packaging, this would make a perfect gift for any whisky lover.

Nose: Scents of rich sherry, blossoming into sweet caramel and polished leather.

Palate: An initial taste of sweet berries and cream that evolves into a feast of roasted nuts and malt.

Finish: Soft and dry with a delicate hint of sweet sugar and spiced oak that linger long on the tongue.


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