Chairman's Reserve Legacy Rum 700ml


Chairman's Reserve Legacy 700ml

This release celebrates Laurie Barnard - founder of Chairman's Reserve. Laurie took the principles of blending that his father had established at Dennery Distillery and expanded this into St Lucia Distillers and Chairman's Reserve. By introducing pot stills to the original Coffey still, as well as selecting different casks for maturation, Laurie formed a range of different rums that he blended beautifully into the Chairman's Reserve bottling. The Legacy bottling honours this blending process by expertly marrying molasses rums from both pot and column stills, matured in a selection of woods, as well as pure sugar cane rum made with wild yeasts and the John Dore pot still. This creates an exceptionally complex, well-balanced rum that does justice to the heritage of the brand.


Nose – Ginger, tropical fruits- papaya and pineapple. Coffee and orange skins.

Palate – Elegant, berries and ginger biscuits.

Finish – Long and complex with chocolate, vanilla custard and then more pineapple.

 ABV: 43% 

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