Chopin Vodka Christmas Bauble Gold Bow 500ml


Chopin Christmas Bauble Gold Bow 500ml

All of the potatoes used in this drink are sourced within 20 miles of the Chopin Distillery. Once the potatoes are picked, they are thoroughly washed before being distilled. The alcohol goes through distillation four times to ensure a crisp and clean flavour. This drink is not aged.


Colour: Despite the bottle's colourful packaging, the vodka inside it totally clear.

Aroma: Being a potato-based drink, this beverage has earthy smells. Surprisingly, there this bottle also contains fruity apple and sweet vanilla scents.

Taste: The earthy scents easily make their way into the flavour of this drink. Unlike most vodkas, this has a full-bodied mouth-feel. Even with its average alcohol content, there is little to no burn in its long finish. This tastes great when drunk on its own or when used in mixed drinks.

ABV: 40% 

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