Lemon Dou Honey Lemon 3% 350ml 檸檬堂 6 Pack - Clearance Sale


Cocacola Lemon Dou Honey Lemon 350ml 6 Pack - Best Before: 28/02/24

Lemon-dou" is Coca-Cola's first lemon sour brand developed to respond to the growing demand of lemon sour lovers wanting to "enjoy the authentic taste of Lemon Sour not only in the drinking places but also at home".

Lemon-Dou is a play on “lemon,” the drink’s main ingredient, and the Japanese word “dou,” meaning house. Literally translated to “The House of Lemon,” Lemon-Dou uses crushed whole lemons, infused in alcohol and mixed with bubbles, which creates a great tasting, refreshing and full-bodied lemon-sour experience for alcohol drinkers.

Alcohol: 3%

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