De Kuyper Mandarine Napoleon 750ml

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De Kuyper Mandarine Napoleon 750ml

About the Liquid

  • A mandarine orange based liqueur, combined with a minimum 3 year old Cognac. The blend is put together in Belgium and bottled by De Kuyper in Holland. 38% ABV.
  • A secret blend of 21 botanicals are infused to enrich the complexity of Mandarine Napoleon, including: Clove, Cinnamon, Angelica Root and Black Tea.
  • First produced commercially in 1892, based on a recipe found within the journals of the personal physician to Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. His own way of enjoying Cognac was to garnish with mandarine peel.
  • Due to the medicinal qualities of citrus and spices, the recipe evolved from there.

Tasting Note: Mandarine Napoleon is triple distilled to produce an intense essence of mandarin. Its complexity derives from its secret combination of mandarin and twenty one botanicals. This mandarin liqueur is full of rich ripe citrus notes on the nose, followed by slightly woody, leathery notes. The palate is smooth and rich thanks to the use of old cognacs in the blend.

ABV: 38%

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