Dos Armadillos Anejo 700ml - Mexico

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Dos Armadillos Anejo 700ml - Mexico

In important tombs of the Teuchitlan archaeological site in Jalisco, offerings and pots related to agave have been found, win which a thousand-year old Elixer of the Kings was offered...

The armadillo in western Mexico, with its armoured appearance, keen perception, and nocturnal habits served as a source of inspiration to the warriors and artisans who shaped in stone and clay figures, artifacts representing those emblematic animals. 

Dos Armadillos Tequila Añejo is produced using 100% blue weber agave harvested at a minimum of 8 years, stewed in autoclaves and double-distilled. It is aged 18 months in 200-liter American oak barrels and bottled in an ornate brown glass decanter with braided rope detail at the neck.

Alc: 40%

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