Dry River

Dry River Lovat Syrah 2018 750ml


Dry River Lovat Syrah 2018 750ml

This decision has worked in favour of the wine, beyond a doubt. This Syrah shows classic characters and is a very good expression of the year we experienced in the vineyard. In our opinion, Syrah thrives best with bottle age, ideally 10 years and more. We see this with our Lovat Syrah too, where time brings out the best in Syrah.

The wine progresses with more buoyancy and mouthfeel, darker fruit, liquorice, spice and black pepper. The tannins appear later, almost in reverse, moving from the back of the palate towards the front. Highly unusual, but very intriguing. The wine is from the second-to-last vintage. The final one, 2020, will be released next year and was grown on our non-irrigated, Biogro-certified Lovat vineyard. As it is unfined and un-filtered, a small deposit might form at the bottom of the bottle over time.


The nose shows violets, ripe blueberries and raspberries with stewed rhubarb and a touch of vanilla and charcoal, the latter is from the longer barrel ageing process. The savoury notes show flame-grilled meats, black pepper, pipe tobacco and cardamom pods. On the palate, the wine is fresh and focused with a solid progression over the entire palate, from start to finish. At first, there is a youthful feel, smooth and slippery, with light fruit and a frivolous acidity.

Alc: 12.5%

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