Elephant Hill

Elephant Hill Reserve Syrah 2017 750ML


Elephant Hill Reserve Syrah 2017 750ML

5 stars (95/100) Sam Kim’s Wine Orbit
5 stars Michael Cooper
5 stars (19/20) Raymond Chan Wine Reviews by Candice Chow
‘Excellent’ (94/100) Cameron Douglas MS 

Appearance: The wine is dense, with a deep purple-red colour and a very youthful appearance.
Aroma: The nose is refined and concentrated, with aromas of ripe fruit mixed with notes of black pepper and violets. Subtle, fragrant nuances of musk and wood appear with aeration. Wine Empyreumatic | Fruity | Gourmand | Nervous | Spicy

Taste: Elegantly structured, the fruit is concentrated, succulent, and dynamic with cherry, black pepper and flowers. The tannins are very fine and animated by fresh acidity. Long finish. Wine Aromatic | Elegant | Fruity | Long | Tender

Ac: 13.4%

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