Glen Moray 10yo Fired Oak 700ml

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Glen Moray 10yo Fired Oak 700ml

A brand new release from Glen Moray showcasing the spirit where it shines brightest - matured in ex-Bourbon and heavily charred virgin American oak. The focus with this deliciously sweet whisky is to magnify the delicate notes of vanilla, butterscotch and citrus typically found in Glen Morays, and to push these to the fore by using heavily charred virgin American oak casks.

Nose: A sweet shop in a glass. Barley sugars, pineapple chunks and butter toffees - take your pick!

Taste: Blackcurrant jam and chewy liquorice toffee. Pleasantly sweet and spicy with layers of vanilla oak.

Finish: dark chocolate dissolves over the tongue then fades to reveal a hint of smokiness and toasted vanilla.

Alc: 40%


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