Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia 11yo Festival Release 2023 54.7% 700ml


Glen Scotia 11yo Festival Release 2023 54.7% 700ml

Once a year Glen Scotia presents their limited edition Campbeltown Malts Festival(2023) bottling, which are intriguing and daring and appeal to those who like to be surprised. Aged in white port casks for 12 months, this 11-year-old lightly peated single malt boasts bright spicy fruit notes that are perfectly intertwined with Campbeltown's signature smooth smoke and sea salt flavor.

Tasting Notes:

The aromatic blend of warm, spicy stone fruit notes, almost reminiscent of braised white peach with cloves, is complemented by the fresh aroma of lemongrass and a light mineral note. A sugar cane molasses and caramel sweetness accompanied by notes of plum and fig as well as hints of waxed wood and sandalwood spice. A truly incomparable taste experience that delights the senses with a long-lasting, fragrant finish.

ABV: 54.7%

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