Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin 700ml


Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin 700ml

Bottled at 41% ABV, the gin is a forest buffet to the nose, with fresh greens and earthy, autumnal spices crying out to be heard above the pack. Soft, sweet gorse and a fresh, crunchy apple smell take prominence, though a herbal, juniper note vibrates gently throughout.

A woody, sweet liquorice taste is joined by a coriander-like heat. The gin is wild and complex, yet somehow mellow. A grassy spring taste is joined – and eventually usurped – by a hint of delicate summer flowers, elderflower in particular. These give way to autumnal berries and a cassia-like spice, which warms the chest and tingles the lips, but soothes the throat, instead of burning. Juniper is subtle, if not painfully shy, though a pine taste is left on the tongue long after the gin is supped.

Alc: 41%

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