Glendalough Single Cask Madeira Irish Whisky 700ml


Glendalough Single Cask Madeira Irish Whisky 700ml

Winner of 'Best Irish Single Grain' at the Irish whiskey awards, this is an exceptional whiskey.

Glendalough Single Cask Tiple Barrel is first aged in Bourbon casks, then a second maturation in Oloroso casks before finally receiving its triple maturation in aged Madeira casks, off the African coast. Highly sought after and difficult to find, these Madeira casks provide something special to this whiskey.
Madeira wine is characterized by warmth and tropical sea air. this is how the barrels soak in and impart its intense aromas and flavors to this fantastic whiskey.

Nose: Rich, raisins, exotic fruits, mango and pineapple with a touch of orange zest and marmalade. A light and inviting nose that draws you into the deep flavors to come.
Mouth: Complex but light and lively at the same time. Cooked fruits, raisins, black cherry and plum. Vanilla and sweet grains with a light pepper spice.

Final: Clean and balanced, with black stone fruit, spicy with a slight earthiness.

Alc: 42%

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