Goldwater Pinot Noir 2016 750ML

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Goldwater Pinot Noir 2016 750ML

This Pinot Noir shows the influence of the Wairau Valley's unique climate and complex soils. This wine has vibrant colour and fine tannins ensured by the use of hand-plunging techniques during fermentation. The aromas and flavours are packed with dark cherry, Black Doris plum and savoury spice. The palate delivers silky smooth tannins with a lengthy finish.

The growing season in the Wairau Valley for 2016 was defined by moderate temperatures, chilly nights and little rainfall. The combination of low-fertility soils and a cool climate naturally restricted yields and intensified the fruit flavours in the wine.  Goldwater practices sustainable viticultural methods to ensure the long-term viability of their land and capture the authenticity of the region.

Grapes for this wine were gently harvested during the cool morning hours to retain the bright, pristine, characteristics of the grapes. The fruit arrived at the winery possessing extraordinary flavours and texture, and so the winemaker's primary task was to preserve and enhance these elements. After harvesting, grapes were cold-soaked for six days. The wine was then aged in French oak barriques for ten months.

ABV: 13.5%


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