Hakatanomori Junmai Sake 720ml


With a brewing method that has endured for over 200 years, Kobayashi Brewery has created a crisp, super dry Saké with a disarming smoothness. Created  in Hakata, Fukuoka, a region that boasts the fifth-highest number of Saké breweries in Japan, this Junmaishu utilises locally grown Yamadanishiki rice and spring water from the mountains of Fukuoka to create a drier, cleaner taste on the palate. With a smooth texture and a refreshing clean finish, Hakatanamori Junmai Super Dry is rated as one of the top ten Karakuchi Junmai every year and is an ideal pairing with grilled meats. Best consumed cold, this is an essential refreshment for those who love a super dry Saké.

Alc: 15%