Hazelwood 25YO 500ml

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Hazelwood 25YO 500ml

House of Hazelwood is an elegant and vivacious new blended Scotch whisky inspired by family luminary Janet Sheed Roberts (1901 to 2012) and expressed through the spirit of the great Art Deco cities that influenced the world in her heyday. House of Hazelwood 25 Year Old was inspired by the classic elegance of Shanghai, a city which stood at the centre of Cathay elegance in the 1920s.

This release represents the Master Blenders’ most prized expression. Each rare single malt earned its place in Kinsman’s final selection, and the blend was then married in American oak, allowing sufficient time for the complex and diverse flavours to infuse and mellow. The resultant majestic whisky is unique, rare and very special.

Alc: 40%

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