Isle of Jura

Jura 30YO Single Malt 700ml


Isle of Jura 30YO Single Malt 700ml

Jura's new 30-year-old was nicknamed after the Standing Stone (the Carnas an Staca) - the name of the Isle of Jura's eight standing stones. These are the remains of an ancient stone circle that was built by the Diurachs around three millennia ago! 

The whisky itself is delicious and surprisingly tropical for a distillery known for its oily coastal island style. The nose brings notes of mango, and pineapple, with a little dried fruit and toasted oak notes. The palate is rich with a creamy delivery, sweet vanilla custard and toasted malt explode on the palate, followed by dense chocolate and dried fruit flavours. The finish is long and zesty, with intense citrus and crème brûlee. Extraordinarily good whisky, and the winner of the Best Islands Single Malt award in the 2016 World Whisky Awards. The whisky is packaged in a charming box with coppery accents, an ideal gift for any malt fan!

Alc: 44%

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