Jack Daniel Bottled In Bond 50% 1L

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Jack Daniel Bottled In Bond  50% 1L

Bourbon history buffs will know that the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897 was passed by the US government as a means of encouraging honest distilling after poor practices had crept into American distilling (flavouring with tobacco, for example, was increasingly common). The act essentially allowed the government to vouch for a product's quality, by having the product aged in federally bonded warehouses.

The tradition of Bottled in Bond whiskies continues today, as shown by this superb bottle of JD. This Tennessee whisky has gone through the same famous Lincoln County process (filtration through sugar maple charcoal) as the standard bottling, and the result is a beautiful, sweet and slightly smoky whiskey, with greater intensity.

Drinkers can expect notes of toffee, vanilla, cinnamon, bittersweet smoked oak, chocolate, coffee, cream and banana.

Alc: 50%

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