Juyondai 十四代 Orikarami 荒走2023 1800ml

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Juyondai 十四代 Orikarami 荒走2023 1800ml

2023.01.13 Manufacture. 

“Chouluomi” is usually bottled in the form of raw wine in the late winter and early spring seasons. Due to the continuous action of a small number of dregs and yeast in the bottle, it has the fresh aroma of new wine, a strong flavour, and a slight bubble taste. It is a very balanced and durable wine. “Wild away” refers to the mash (mixture of rice, yeast, etc.) selected and squeezed after the fermentation is complete. The transparent part of the upper half tastes fresh, and the bottom part with sediment is rougher and rich in rice. It is very suitable for people who like the strong taste of rice. Best with Japanese home-cooked dishes such as grilled fish and parent-child donuts.

Alc: 16%

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