Juyondai Ginjo Ginsen 720ml 十四代 吟撰 吟釀


Juyondai Ginjo Ginsen 720ml  十四代 吟撰 吟釀

Cantaloupe, green apple, melon and fruit are sweet, citrus and woody aromas complemented by a fresh style, gradually showing an elegant rice aroma; it has the freshness and lightness of raw storage sake, but without losing layers and roundness, and the long finish highlights the wine The quality is meticulous and profound.

Junmai Ginjo is one of the specific names of sake. It can only be called Junmai Ginjo if it is brewed with rice and rice koji, and the degree of rice polishing is at least 60%. While having the gorgeous aroma of ginjo, it also retains the aroma of sake rice and has a rich taste. It is suitable for drinking as a table wine and can be easily paired with appetizers to main courses. It is recommended to drink in a wine glass to experience the aroma and delicate taste.

Alc: 15%

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