Karuizawa 34 Year Old Cask #3668 Ruby Geisha 700ml


Karuizawa 34 Year Old Cask #3668 Ruby Geisha 700ml

Cask Type: Sherry

Cask No.: 3668

Bottle No.: 143/247

Karuizawa was located at Miyota, a town on the southern side of an active volcano, Mt. Asama, in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. Established in 1955, the distillery sourced its barley from Scotland and produced a rich and powerful single malt whisky often used in blends. Karuizawas are often likened to sherried Scotch whisky by many.

The younger half of the Ruby Geishas – the penultimate release in the Karuizawa Geisha series – this 34-year-old release is exclusive to The Whisky Exchange and being sold by ballot. It was matured in a single sherry butt and its time in cask have given it a rich and complex character with layers of sherry-oak and spice.

ABV: 58.5%

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