Kerpen Handpicked Riesling 2020 750ml - Germany


Kerpen Handpicked Riesling 2020 750ml - Germany

5 Stars & 93/100 Sam Kim, Wine Orbit, January 2022

Rated Excellent & 93/100 Cameron Douglas MS, January 2022

"A strong, full-bodied wine with a ripe acidity and expressiveness. A pleasant finish due to the lighter alcohol level, and a great thirst extinguisher on a hot summer day!

After almost 250 years, and for eight generations, viticulture has run in the Kerpen family. Riesling is grown exclusively on around 8 hectares made up of several named vineyards: Graacher Himmelreich, Graacher Domprobst, Bernkasteler Bratenhöfchen and Wehlener Sonnenuhr. The interplay of Moselle slate, south-southwest aspect, minerality and climate is unique. The result is wines with a fine play between fruit and acidity, a low alcohol content and a long life. After carefully selecting the grapes by hand, they are gently pressed. Then the must fermented in wooden barrels and matured to dry, fine-dry, fruit sweet or noble sweet wines."

Alc: 11%

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