Kilchoman Tequila Finish Single Cask NZ Exclusive 700ml


Kilchoman Tequila Finish Single Cask New Zealand 700ml

The tequila cask influence is highly detectable on the nose – whereas, on the palate, the full force of the Kilchoman subsumes the previously overt agave flavours, presenting them as intermingled within penetrating peat smoke. The outcome is a whisky that retains its distillery character but brings with it asides which are not fully expected, nor necessarily immediately obvious to comprehend. 

Test notes:

Nose: Hot coals and brine sit alongside marker pens, Sudocrem and peat smoke. Green apples and gooseberry fool join white chocolate whilst leafy vegetables develop into full-blow cooked agave. The addition of water presents ozone alongside ferns, bracken and a bowl of rice pudding.

Taste: Intense throughout. Melon, apple (with Jolly Rancher candy sweetness) and gooseberry open, before smoked paprika, chilli and pepper evolve into rocky smoke – BBQ coals, beach fires, wood smoke and burnt vegetation. Dilution presents an interesting transposition – candy necklace sweetness with residual minerality together with a glug of pineapple juice and scorched chalk.

Finish: Medium to long with dry wood smoke and mentholated oak.


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