Kirin Fuji Sanroku Japanese Whisky 700ml

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Kirin Fuji Sanroku Japanese Whisky 700ml

This Japanese high ABV packaging from Kirin was propelled in March 2016. The mix highlights medium and substantial sort grain whiskies joined with a minor peated malt segment. Boss blender, Jota Tanaka additionally chose to bottle this non-chill separated and at the half. As indicated by Nonjatta, “The new ‘Fujisanroku 50°C’ is the first for the most part and forever accessible, section level NC Japanese mixed whisky that isn’t chill-separated.

Tasting note: Brilliant deep gold. Opening sniffs suggest apple strudel, stewed pear, bubble gum and vanilla. Air contact adds hints of ripe corn mixed grains. Understated on entry building to a juicy, vibrant, bourbonesque profile with creamy flavours of toffee apple, salted corn cob and pepper

ABV: 50%


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