Macallan Classic Cut 2019 Single Malt 700ml

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Macallan Classic Cut 2019 Single Malt 700ml

The third edition in the limited annual series, The Macallan Classic Cut - 2019 Edition has an ideal ABV of 52.9% to bring forth the full character of the single malt. This has been chosen by the Whisky Maker Polly Logan as the optimum strength to reveal a dominant sweetness and the well-balanced flavours of this whisky. To truly appreciate the complex flavour dimensions, pour and allow it to breathe for 10-15 minutes for an intensified experience. After this time, heightened flavours of orange, sweet ginger and vanilla come to the forefront, combined with a satisfyingly long finish. Classic Cut 2019 is a truly indulgent single malt whisky.

AROMA: Orange zest with ginger and nutmeg balanced with sultana and a hint of hazelnut

PALATE: Sweet ginger and orange zest with a gentle oak spice

FINISH: Medium sweet with a lingering honey note

ABV: 52.9%


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