Margrain Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020 750ML

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Margrain Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020 750ML

The palate springs forth with hackles raised and will have you shivering with anticipation.  It presents as beautifully and quite simply dry, while the attentive acidity imparts a tingly feel to the spine. Tinned pineapple, fresh persimmon and fragrant bergamot swirl around in this fast-walking, quick-talking wine while a slightly furry carborundum-like structure anchors it with pith-cutting freshness. Mid-palate there are glimpses of a thickened, oily quality, some lush chunks of quava, wedges of grapefruit and an interesting spicy note, perhaps star anise? Finally, however, the wine finishes as clean as a newly sanitised bench press and will leave you craving another sip.

The fruit used here represents the final crop from the River Block 10km south of town, which has now been sold. This wine has been described by some as “Marlboroughesque”, an intriguing compliment implying it has more of the classic leafy green and sub-tropical fruit characters than are generally found in North Island Sauvignon Blancs. A little shy when first poured, with some working and twerking it awakens like sleeping beauty responding to her first kiss to show white peach, green apples flailed by with nettles, raspberry leaf and wild clover aromas. Fresh chopped chives, snow-bound edelweiss and a hint of seameal custard round out the nose.

ABV: 13.1%

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