Matua First Frost Sauvignon Blanc 2021 750ML


Matua First Frost Sauvignon 2021 750ML

First Frost packs all that crisp, zesty, fruity Sauvignon Blanc goodness that Marlborough is all about - and wait, there's more.  We know that these days you've got a lot going on and sometimes you don't want your glass of Sauvy to weigh you down. So we've  made this Sauvignon Blanc 25% lighter in alcohol and calories so you can enjoy every sip, without it going to your hips. Cheers to that!


A nose full of tangy gooseberry, lychee and passionfruit, fresh cut-grass and a good punch of freshly zested lime to boot. e palate is no less intense, with a crispness that leaves your mouth feeling fresh and alive. e distinctive taste of Marlborough with bursts of tropical fruits and citrus giving a full flavoured wine while being lighter in calories, what more could you want!


Tomato Salad with Indian Dressing

ABV: 9%

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