Kweichow Maotai Astrology (Moutai Astrology ) 375ML

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Kweichow Maotai Astrology 375ML

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Moutai Chun constellation liquor is a fashionable confession liquor, commemorative liquor, party liquor, and collection liquor specially created for you. The Moutai Constellation series, with low-key, luxurious, and connotative fashion labels, accompanies every moment of consumers' lives. Moutai Chun constellation liquor belongs to the soft sauce-flavoured liquor. Its craft is innovated on the basis of the traditional sauce-flavoured liquor, which is more complicated and delicate than the traditional craft. The soft sauce-flavoured liquor highlights the soft taste, compatible with cotton, refreshing, clean, excellent quality, and highly praised.

ABV: 53%


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