Penfolds Max’s Shiraz Cabernet 2015 750ml


Penfolds Max’s Shiraz Cabernet 2015 750ml

Autumn and winter rainfall were above the long-term average. The rain stopped abruptly in early August with only light showers observed throughout spring. Low top soil moisture halted canopy growth early in the season giving vines an open canopy. A significant rainfall event in early January was a defining moment, giving the vines a much-needed boost during veraison. February brought weekend heat spikes, pushing means maximum temperatures well above the average resulting in early ripening and harvest.

Penfolds Max’s Shiraz Cabernet is a tribute to former Chief Winemaker Max Schubert 1948-1975, a legend in Penfolds history. Max’s constant pursuit of excellence paved the way for those who followed in his footsteps and also allowed the status and heritage of Penfolds to grow. A more approachable Penfolds style at release –ideally shelf to glass, save the cellar.


Beetroot fruit. Roasted Mediterranean vegetables. Textured by assertive tannins that provide counter-balance to the sweet fruit. Oak provides cedar, toast, char & dark liquorice and exotic spices.

Alc: 14.5%

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