Pig's Nose Whisky 700ml

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Pigs Nose Whisky 700ml

Pigs Nose is an exceptionally fine five-year-old blended whiskey created by Richard Patterson, Scotland's only third-generation master blender. The blend contains a high percentage (40%) of malt whiskey, mainly from Speyside, which give the product their characteristic softness; the name derives from the peasant expression "as soft as a pig's nose".


Rich in colour with golden coppery reflections, a delicate and refined scent with soft floral notes that arise in perfect harmony supported by an attractive range of complex fruit aromas. Melon, pear and orange with a hint of almonds conclude this profusion of fascinating shades. On the palate finesse and elegance give way to a majestic affirmation of pure malt flavours from the four distillation regions of Scotland.

Alc: 40% 

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