Plantation Panama Vintage 2004 700ml

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Another vintage release from the excellent Plantation range of rums, this Panama golden rum is from the 2004 vintage.

Distilled in a four column still in 2004 at the Alcoholes Del Istmo Distillery, this rum is first aged in Panama for 11 years, lending it violet scents with structure and depth, and then raised 2-4 additional years in Ferrand casks in France, which lend spicy and woody notes that infuse slightly tannic undertones.

Nose : The nose opens with floral notes such as violet developing deeper fruit notes including red berries, plum brandy and exotic fruits with a finishing touch of vanilla and cinnamon.

Palate : The first palate reveals light exotic fruit notes giving way to raisin, butterscotch with a touch of cinnamon and exotic wood.

Alc: 42%