Port Askaig

Port Askaig New Zealand Exclusive 9YO 2013 700ml


Port Askaig New Zealand Exclusive 9YO 2013 700ml

To end the year with a smoky, peaty bang, the team at Whisky Galore are delighted to share with you our single-cask collaboration with the good folk at Port Askaig (Elixir distillers). Selected exclusively for New Zealand, this single malt hails from a distillery on the beautiful shores of the Isle of Islay. Matured for 9 years in total, it spent its final 2 years in a first-fill ex-rum barrel, contributing some unique aromas and flavours to the whisky.

Our thoughts on this special release:
A beach bonfire on Islay, seaside with a bowl of oatmeal sprinkled with cinnamon, and a dollop of butter and honey. The scent of lychee joins autumn fennel, and then a medicinal character - band-aids and operating theatres!
The palate is dry, spiced (Fishermans friends), and then smoky. A note of green bananas and agave nectar, then a savoury twist - lemony roasted chicken.
The lasting taste is of sweet peat smoke, leaving you gently infused with the unmistakable flavour of Islay.

Alc: 58.2%

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