Quarter Acre Hawke's Bay Viognier 2020 750ML

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Quarter Acre Hawke's Bay Viognier 2020 750ML

We source our Viognier from a vineyard in Bridge Pa. It’s been around 30,000 years since the Ngaruroro River flowed through this area. When it did it deposited gravels and shingle that still run deep. The organic matter that has since built up during floods is a combination of volcanic ash, pumice, wind-blown and alluvial loam deposits, building a relatively shallow, free-draining topsoil. 2019 was a wonderful vintage, warm and dry. We handpicked the block in two passes.

We received handpicked fruit in great condition, golden and tough looking. Viognier skins are some of the thickest on the planet and need to be treated carefully. The juice was fermented wild on full solids in a few barriques at reasonably high temps. This, along with an extended time resting on lees has increased the palate weight and texture. Blended and bottled in December 2020 and released the following month.

A wonderfully aromatic and fleshy wine with apricot, orange, ginger and a subtle flintiness. The palate has a lovely combination of richness and pure, exotic fruit flavours combined a light minerality and fine brioche notes. Will drink well through until 2023 and onwards. We love it!

ABV: 13%


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