Remy Martin Cellar 16 Cognac 1L

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Remy Martin Cellar 16 Cognac 1L

A fantastic Cognac from one of the most prestigious and celebrated houses in the Cognac region, Rémy Martin. This Cognac was first released for the retail market in 2014. Cellar Selection Number 16 has been designed to pay homage to the titular Cellar No. 16, one of the many unique ageing facilities on the estate. Each of these bottlings explores how ageing in different cellars affects the spirit. This cellar is notable for its multi-tiered structure and the high proportion of new casks. Hot air rises to the top of these tiers, meaning that the casks found here will have a more intense and concentrated flavour. This cellar is picturesque, surrounded by Remy Martin’s vineyards, laden with the grapes that mark the start of the spirit. 

Tasting notes:

Nose: Vanilla, brown sugar, apple pie.
Taste: Sweet, balanced, vanilla, fruitcake.
Finish: Long-lasting, smooth.

ABV: 40%

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