Springbank 15yo Single Malt 46% 2021 700ml

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Springbank 15yo Single Malt 46% 2021 700ml

Springbank is one of the few remaining distilleries in the whisky producing region of Cambpeltown - once the hub of whisky distillation world-wide. 

Campbeltown is one of Scotland's four recognised whisky-producing regions, and is situated on the mull of Kintyre some 240 km from Glasgow, south of Islay. Due to the exposed, coastal location of the town, Campbeltown whiskies have their own distinct character defined particularly by an oily, briny quality.

Whilst bourbon casks are mainly used for maturation of Springbank malts, allowing the distillery character to shine through, a number of sherry casks are also used for added body.

Complexity is the key word.

Nose: Fragrant with a certain richness. Notes of fruit salad and a hint of caramel, pineapple, guava and passion fruit lurk. There are notes of dried leather, cocoa powder and old ropes. A hint of butter menthol sweetness and some shortbread.

Palate: Quite full and rich. There are notes of creamy fruit salad and more exotic fruit notes. Of course the wonderful Springbank funk is present, perhaps tamed slightly with growing age.

Finish: Fairly long with a gentle warmth.

 ABV: 46%

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