Strathisla 12YO 700ml


Strathisla 12YO 700ml

Nose: Immediately a strong, slightly artificial green apple flows from the glass, accompanied by a 'dull' note, which I can not quite name, perhaps chlorine, but not stinging. The whole nose looks heavy and set, with flavoured pipe tobacco, old leather, strong oak, and foliage-covered forest soil. A few herbs, some forest honey and a slight floral note are still behind.
Taste: very easy onset, and watery mouthfeel. Apples and forest honey. The oak becomes spicy/bitter and the tongue starts to roast. Again the dark notes, old leather.

Finish: Medium long, dominated by the tannins of the oak, clearly bitter. Still, the apple comes through. White pepper. Some burnt caramel.

Alc: 40%

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