Strega Liquore 700ml


Strega Liqueur (Liquore Strega) is a herbal Italian liqueur with a unique flavour and a distinctive bright yellow colour. It's a digestif (or amaro) made from a secret recipe that includes about 70 botanicals, most notably saffron, mint, and juniper berries. It hails from the town of Benevento, Italy and is also known as the "witches liqueur." A very popular liqueur in Italy, it's enjoyed on its own or in cocktails and has dedicated fans throughout the world.

Strega is a bright yellow, nearly fluorescent yellow. It is saffron that gives it this colour. Swirling the liquor in the glass shows it to be a nearly viscous syrup.

Strong, very medicinal.

Let it be said that Strega is a very complex drink. It starts sweet from the sugar, but then it becomes very bitter from the herbal components. Not herbal in an Absinthe sense, but more in a Robitussin sans-codeine sense.

Strong liquorice flavor, most likely coming from the fennel.


ABV: 40%