Suntory Whiskey

Suntory Red Japanese Whisky 640ml


Suntory Whisky Red Japanese Whisky 640ml

This particular Red Extra expression is a lovely expression made with the same traditional craftsmanship as the Red label back in 1930. It is a very traditional Japanese whisky with a prominent smoothness and intensity similar to the Red label released decades ago. Nose: Light and fruity. Orchard fruits like red apples and green pears. White peaches with hints of vanilla malts. Taste: Easy drinking. Less fruity on the tongue. Little bits of caramel and touches of honey with those orchard fruits. A little spice note dances too. A touch of baking spices backing up some malty flavours. Finish: A little alcohol here with some black pepper and caramel and menthol. The fruity flavours dance in and out, for a medium to long finish."

ABV: 39%


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