Tanqueray Malacca Limited Edition Gin 1L

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Tanqueray Malacca Limited Edition Gin 1L

The founder of the traditional house Tanqueray developed in 1839 on a journey through the Spice Route of Southeast Asia the recipe for gin, which was produced more than 150 years later in the USA under the name Malacca. Since the desired success failed to materialise, production was quickly discontinued in 2000, and the secret recipe was put aside again. Now Tanqueray dares a new attempt and brings the Malacca Gin back on the market. Buy your bottle of Tanqueray Malacca Gin now!


The design of the bottle is inspired by a cocktail shaker, the label of Malacca adorns the old map of the Spice Route. The special taste of this gin is characterised by fine juniper notes in the nose, which harmonize wonderfully with fruity berry notes and fine herbs with coriander. The juniper dominates the taste wonderfully with hints of lemon, cinnamon and a floral note.

Whether enjoyed with fine tonic water or pure - this gin will fully convince you.

Alc: 41.3% 

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