Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Sake 天狗舞 山廃仕込純米酒 720ml


Tengumai Yamahai Junmai Sake 天狗舞 山廃仕込純米酒 720ml

An outstanding Junmai brewed with the traditional method "Yamahai". One of the must-drink choices of the Tengumai series.

Tengumai was established in 1823 in Ishikawa, a prefecture known for its complex sake style.

Tasting note: 

Shows a bright, medium lemon colour in the glass. Not an overly aromatic nose, but what's there works well, showing ripe green fruit of nashi pear and custard apple, yellow melon, and notes of yoghurt and rich rice. On the palate this sake has great texture and umami feel, while showing flavours of green melon, honey, meringue and yoghurt. The richness and weight on the palate work well here. Serve cold or warm.

Alc: 16%