Tomatin Five Virtues Series Water 700ml


Tomatin Five Virtues Series Water 700ml

The fifth and final release of the Tomatin Five Virtues series, which casts an eye over the five elements crucial for the production of whisky: Metal, Wood, Fire, Earth and Water. The distillery sources its water from the nearby Alt-na-Frith burn, which provides pure, soft water – perfect for making whisky. The distillery state that the Water release “deliberately employs winter distilled spirit, where reduced contact with our copper stills enriches the final flavour.”

The whisky has been aged in a classic mix of Bourbon barrels and former Sherry butts. The result is a rich, bombastic whisky, packed with notes of marmalade, honey, chocolate, coffee, nuts, dried fruit, sherry and wine tannins.

Alc: 46%

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