7 Types of Whiskeys You Can Drink

May 27, 2022weston wang

Today, whiskey is made in every part of New Zealand and elsewhere. There is a bottle of whiskey out there for every taste, price range, and preference. Each whiskey has its personality and style. We can help you find the perfect whiskey to pair with a cocktail, something smokey and bold, or something smooth to sip on.

Here are some of the best whiskeys on the market right now that you can drink.

7 Types of Whiskeys You Can Drink

Scotch Whiskey

Scotch whiskey has a reputation for being the best whiskey in the world. The Scots acquired a liking for the drink, which led to its rapid rise to prominence in the market. Irish monks who had relocated to western Scotland for religious purposes are credited with bringing the skill of whiskey distillation to Scotland.

Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey is produced in Ireland by distilling a wash consisting of malted and unmalted barley as well as grain. Irish whiskey is made by running it through a pot still three times before letting it age for a total of five years.

The traditional recipe for Irish whiskey calls for a mixture of malt and grain whiskeys. The majority of Irish whiskeys produced today are distilled in a factory. Unmixed whiskey is considered to be authentic Irish whiskey.

Tennesse Whiskey

Tennesse whiskey is a type of sour mash whiskey manufactured from a blend of grain that contains at least 51 per cent corn. It is then distilled in Tennessee, filtered through sugar maple charcoal, and aged in new charred oak barrels for at least two years.

It transfers the flavour and style of primary fermentation. The trademarked term " Tennessee whiskey " is a sour mash whiskey from the United States known by the trademarked term "Tennessee whiskey."

Corn Whiskey

Corn whiskey is produced by distilling a mash that contains at least eighty per cent corn. It is possible that it has not been aged. It might have been aged in either fresh or ancient oak barrels if it had matured. In most cases, the ageing process only lasts for six months.

Rye Whiskey

At least two years must pass during the ageing process in charred new oak barrels before rye whiskey may be made from a mash that contains at least 51 per cent rye. The only difference is the type of grain that is utilised, which is different from the process of manufacturing bourbon whiskey.

So, try this rye whiskey in a classic cocktail like the Manhattan. The rich sweetness of the vermouth and the spicy notes of the rye will go well together.

Canadian Whiskey

Most Canadian whiskeys used to be made from rye, but now they are mostly made from corn, wheat, and other grains, with a small amount of rye added for flavour.

There are some excellent bottles of that well-known brand, but there are a lot of other Canadian whiskies that are not as well-known. Like a whiskey made by Hiram Walker in Windsor, Ontario, is a bottle that gets a lot of praise. Expect a little spice, but overall, this is a smooth sipper with notes of cocoa and caramel that pop in the mouth.

Japanese Whiskey

Millet, corn, and rice are the three grains that go into the production of Japanese whiskey, which is then distilled using either the pot still or the patent still process. The Japanese make both single malt and blended whiskeys, and the quality of their single malt whiskeys is on par with that of scotch.



Whiskey is made by distilling grains and letting them age in oak barrels. It can also be a pot or patent distilled, aged for a short or long time, etc., depending on what the distiller wants and the rules in the country where it is made. When making whiskey, the cereals used can be a single type or a mix of different types.

Scotch whiskey is thought to be the best whiskey because of its unique qualities from the weather, water, and peat drying. Whiskeys are made by stilling pot and pot still. Most of the scotch you can buy is a mix of malt scotch whiskey and grain scotch whiskey.

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