7 Whiskey Drinks That Could Help Cure Your Cold

Jan 13, 2022weston wang

When you feel a Lil bit stuffed up and sick, there is no better cure than a boozy and fragrant beverage. And it's not just any mood-lifting beverage but a fine healthy drink that can dilate your blood vessels and make the recovery rate faster than ever.


Undoubtedly a cocktail can heal your body even if it can not heal you in particular. Whiskey has the ability to get out your body's inner heat with its flavoursome taste. However, of course, everything should be in moderation, including alcohol consumption, even though it could bring several health benefits to the table.


So, in this nasty cold season, we have thought, why not list out some of your favourite beverages that not only lift your mood by satisfying your thirst for a drink but also can benefit your health on multiple levels as well.


From toothaches to the swine flu, whiskey has been considered one of the best cures out there. Even the common cold can not fight the battle with the magical proportion of a whiskey.


But, how much is the truth in there about this water of life being a medicine? Or it is just a conspiracy theory from the producers of this golden nectar to increase their sales numbers.


If you dig deeper into the details, basically, the alcohol in the drink fights with the cold. The tasty stuff is firstly distilled in the production process before putting it to age in wooden barrels. And through that process, the spirit elements transform themselves into heart-saving phenols and cancer-fighting antioxidants.


Here is the list of the top seven whiskey cocktails that could not just only get your tastebuds happy but also put you on the Fastrack path of recovery.

  1. The Old Irish cure


As per one of the experts, Irish-chef Sean Muldoon, to treat the cold, Irish people prefer to consume whiskey with a tint of honey, lemon, and a bit of ginger. This potion tends to hit the bacteria of cold.


  1. The classic Gaelic Punch


When the flu season is upon us, this is the classic drink that people tend to turn to get instant relief from the primary cold symptoms.


  1. Whiskey Chai


This is a delicious combination of whiskey that combines the deliciousness of our classic homemade milky chai with the warm and boozy bourbon by making it the best cure for the viral seasonal cold.


  1. The Turkey's Wattle


The wonderful spiced flavours from ginger beer, apple cider, and allspice liqueur provide a remarkable taste to your drink with a healthy boost of immunity.


  1. Marmalade Whiskey Sour


Marmalade Whiskey sour has a beautiful silky texture with a bright, citrusy flavor due to its main ingredient Orange Marmalade, which can make your bad day turn into a good one in just a couple of seconds!


  1. Casting Aspersions


If you are a big fan of sour flavour in your drink, this is the perfect drink for you with lots of citrus fruits and a tablespoon of honey, making it an excellent cold-kicking drink you must have this winter!


  1. Auld Alliance


Herbal, strong, and smoky are the perfect words that accurately describe this drink. Auld Alliance is one of the best since-clearing cocktails that go well with the smoky scotch.


So, this is it. These were among the top whiskey combinations you need to try this winter season to get your tastebuds happy with their smooth and pleasant taste.


 And as the health benefits are concerned, the claims of certain researchers say the equivalent drinking of approximately three to four ounces of spirit on a regular basis can increase the bars of the body's immune system on a very significant level. And what could be a better reason to make a drink today for yourself other than this?


Get your shelves full with the wide range of whiskey collections from Whiskey Online, and this season fight cold in the most delicious way possible!

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