The Beginner’s Guide To Types of Whiskey

Mar 04, 2022weston wang


We are sure that you might have heard this dialogue "I followed my heart, and it led me to whiskey," right? Well, if not, now you know! But it's true! Drinking whiskey is becoming more of a fashion nowadays. It has become a go-to drink for all whiskey lovers. But, We are sure that you might not be aware of what all kinds of whiskey are available and which one would be the best if you are a beginner or an expert.

No worries, we will help you with a guide that will help you understand all the different varieties and types of whiskey.

Before moving further, let's understand the composition of whiskey. You might not know this, but it is good to know.

  • Composition of Whiskey


* Grain: Grain whiskey has corn, wheat, or both.

* Single Malt: Made exclusively with malted barley, yeast, and water.

* Blended: As the name suggests. It is a combination of both grain and single malt whiskies.


  • Types of Whiskey You Should Know/Try



Bourbon is American whiskey, and it is ultra popular in the USA. If we have to define Bourbon as music, it is a kind of jazz - soothing, comfortable, and it hits the right notes. But liking jazz is not enough. You also need to be a lover of a few things to like this American whiskey. The taste of Bourbon whiskey is somewhat sweeter as it is made from at least 51% of corn and aged new oak vessels. If you like to enjoy a sweeter taste, just try Bourbon!

Rye is somewhat very similar to Bourbon whiskey. It is also known as a close cousin of bourbon. Generally, the age of the Rye whiskey is two years, and it will not be blended with any other whiskies at the time of bottling. It also has a 40% ABV, and it is aged in new charred barrels, not the old ones.
The main difference between Rye and Bourbon is that Bourbon is somewhat sweeter while Rye whiskey is spicy or peppery.

Scotch whiskey
Scotch is very different from other types of whiskey; it hails from Scotland and is not consumed for intoxication. You might not be aware of this if you are new, but whiskey lovers must be familiar with this information. Before, Scotch whiskey was only made from malted barley, but now it is made from wheat and rye. Scotch whiskey has a woody flavour as it is made of heated malted barley.

Irish whiskey
Irish whiskey has some similarities in history as Scotch; it originates from Ireland. Irish whiskey is fruity, light, light, and much less peaty compared to its Scottish counterpart. It can be an unpopular opinion, but Irish whiskey is somewhat smoother than scotch whiskey. It is also one of the oldest ones from the 1100s.


Japanese whiskey
It is one of those whiskeys which is gaining a lot of attention in the Indian markets. Within a short time, it becomes a force to reckon with. It is new among all whiskey, dating back to the late 1800s. Japanese whiskey is very similar and inspired by scotch whiskey, and within a short time, it is also reputed as other world-famous whiskey types.

Canadian whiskey
Canadian whiskey is smoother and lighter among all the whiskey discussed in the article. Multiple grains are used in Canadian whiskey, but corn spirits mainly dominate it. Canadian whiskey and rye whiskey are almost referred to as the same product, and interestingly both terms are used interchangeably in Canada.
If we discuss the taste of Canadian whiskey, then it is slightly sweet, and also it is well known as vanilla ice cream in the world of whiskey.

  • How to Drink Whiskey


We recommend you take your first sip of whiskey neat, not mixed, and chilled.


Whiskey is potent and has a high content of alcohol liquor; because of this, many people prefer to have it as a bit low alcohol by volume(ABV). Ice is used with whiskey to experience the best.


We at Whiskey Online have different varieties of whiskey and have a wide collection of it. We recommend enjoying whiskey at a particular room temperature if you are a beginner. Contact us and enjoy the first sip of your whiskey.

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