Dalmore 15yo Single Malt 700ml


Dalmore 15yo Single Malt 700ml

A highly recommended Dalmore, that shows great maturity and poise.

This Highland malt has been carefully developed by Richard Paterson, who is known as “the Nose” in the industry due to his superior olfactory skills.

A dense chocolaty whisky that is typically Dalmore, this dram has been matured no less than three different types of Sherry cask: Matusalem (a rich, raisiny sherry that has been extensively aged), Apostoles (an older version of Palo Cortado, offering a great balance between dry and sweet flavours) and Amoroso (the name of which means “lovingly”, a testament to the craft that makes this sherry, this is a full-bodied and heavy affair).

The result is a Dalmore of real complexity and depth, with a dizzying array of dried fruit, spice, chocolate, coffee, vanilla and toffee flavours.

It is easy to see why this expression remains so popular, a superb achievement from Paterson and the team at Dalmore.

Alc: 40%

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