Old Particular

Old Particular Jura 2008/12YO DL14974 Single Malt 700ml


Old Particular Jura 2008 12YO DL14974 Single Malt 700ml

A refill hogshead of Jura 2008, bottled by Douglas Laing - without chill filtration or colouring - in 2021 as a 12-year-old for their Old particular series, this natural Jura yielded 264 bottles at DL's preferred 48.4% and will likely be a revelation to anyone who hasn't previously tried this fine whisky in its unadulterated form.

Nose: Barley sweetness with a buttery biscuit quality and thick vanilla cream
Palate: A touch of marmalade alongside a hot toddy style and cream grittiness 

Finish: Longers on wonderfully with a hint of spice, charred American oak and summer hay

Alc: 48.4% 

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