Suntory Yamazaki Distillery

Yamazaki 2010-2021 Essence of Suntory Islay Peated 500ml


Yamazaki 2010-2021 Essence of Suntory Islay Peated 500ml

The second bottle in this volume was also distilled at Yamazaki and matured for 11 years in American Oak casks, however, this one differs in that it was distilled from Optic barley that was dried using Islay peat. The results are a unique and delicious expression that is one of the few peated Yamazaki whiskies on the market. 

You can expect intense peat smoke on the nose that mingles with salty sea spray, freshly cut grass and gentle citrus notes that linger in the background. On the palate, the peat smoke is still apparent but not quite what it was on the nose, with the sweetness of orange zest, vanilla and pear drops making themselves known. The finish is long and smooth, as we expect from aged Yamazaki whiskies, and it tops things off in style with sweet oak, honey and freshly sliced vanilla pods all backed up by waves of fragrant peat smoke. 

Nose: Powerful peach, tide scent
Palate: Smooth mouthfeel, sweetness continues

Finish: A savory, peachy afterglow lasts for a long time

Alc: 54%

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