Aalborg Porse Snaps 700ml


Aalborg Porse Snaps 700ml

The history of Aalborg Akvavit began in the mid-1800s, where the father of Danish aquavit, Isidor Henius, introduced the rectification technique in Denmark. A distillation technique that results in a very clean and neutral spirit called fine rectified alcohol.

With the introduction of this technique, Henius raised the quality level of aquavit in Denmark significantly. The fine rectified alcohol is the backbone in the aquavits and snaps, produced by Aalborg. The effort of Isidor Henius, within the spirit industry, is the reason why Danish aquavit today is considered to be among some of the finest aquavits in the world.

Aalborg Porse Snaps was launched in 1965, as a tribute to the Danish tradition of producing homemade spiced spirits. Aalborg Porse Snaps has a distinct and characteristic taste of sweet gale (bog myrtle), with a hint of rosemary and sherry in the aftertaste.

ABV: 40%


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